Cabal (software)

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Original author(s) Isaac Jones
Developer(s) Duncan Coutts
Initial release January 2005
Stable release / November 2012
Development status Active
Written in Haskell
Operating system Any Unix-like, Microsoft Windows
Size 0.3 megabytes
Available in English
Type Application level package manager
License BSD

The Haskell Cabal is the Common Architecture for Building Applications and Libraries; it aids in the packaging and distribution of software packages. It is contained in the Haskell Platform.


A process of making a library written in the Haskell programming language conformant to the requirements of the Cabal library infrastructure provided that the library was initially developed without taking those requirements into consideration, or prior to the introduction of Cabal to the Haskell community.


Cabal packages provide a standard set of metadata and build process; thus, it is possible to develop tools to upload Cabal packages to the CPAN-like community repository of software, Hackage, or even allow for automated downloading, compilation, and installation of desired packages from Hackage (through the cabal-install tool).

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