Caballo Viejo

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For the Gipsy Kings song, see "Bamboléo"
"Caballo Viejo"
Single by Simón Díaz
from the album Caballo Viejo
Released 1980
Format Cassette, LP
Recorded 1980
Genre Folk (Música Llanera)
Length 2:59
Label Palacio
Writer(s) Simón Díaz

"Caballo Viejo" (English: Old Horse) is a Venezuelan folk song created (lyrics & music) by Simón Díaz,[1] which appears on the 1980 album Caballo Viejo. It has become one of the most important folk songs in Venezuela and is already regarded as a classic. "Bamboléo", a potpourri by the Gipsy Kings has some verses from Caballo Viejo, and it is also very well-known internationally. The song was inducted into the Latin Grammy Hall of Fame in 2007.[2]

Versions / Translations[edit]

This song has been translated into many different languages.

It has been recorded as "Caballo Viejo" or as "Bamboleo" by tens of singers such as Celia Cruz, Papo Lucca y la Sonora Ponceña, María Dolores Pradera, Julio Iglesias, Gilberto Santa Rosa, José Luis Rodríguez "El Puma", Polo Montañes, Freddy López, Oscar D'León, Celso Piña, Rubén Blades, Roberto Torres, Plácido Domingo.

In 1995, this song was covered on Serbian language by Eurodance group Beat Street, with lyrics "Španska kraljica" ("Spanish Queen"), on their 1994 studio debut album "Napokon".

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