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Cabezón is the Spanish word for "stubborn" or "big-headed". Cabezon or cabezón may refer to: In Chile, cabezon means intelligent.

Fish species[edit]

  • Cabezon (Scorpaenichthys marmoratus), a species of fish in the Cottidae family
  • Cachorrito cabezon, a species of fish in the Cyprinodontidae


True name[edit]




  • Cabezones, an Argentine hardcore-alternative rock band
  • Cabezon, a song by Red House Painters
  • USS Cabezon (SS-334), American submarine
  • Cabezón, a character in children's book Gorgorín e Cabezón (1992) by Uxío Novoneyra
  • Battle of Cabezón, a small event in 1808, part of the Peninsular War
  • Cabezon is one of the most popular Rock bands in Trinidad. Their music consists of a mix of rock, soca and reggae influences. This type of music is called Rockso. Cabezon and another rockso band name Gyazette are the pioneers of Rockso in the entire world.