Cabinet Secretariat (Japan)

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The Cabinet Secretariat shares the same building as the Cabinet Office in Nagatachō, Chiyoda, Tokyo.

The Cabinet Secretariat (内閣官房 Naikaku-kanbō?) is an agency in the Japanese central government, headed by the Chief Cabinet Secretary. It organizes the Cabinet's public relations, coordinates ministries and agencies, collects intelligence for the government (including the Cabinet Satellite Intelligence Center) and organizes miscellaneous other tasks for the Cabinet, including the Prime Minister's office (Kantei) and residence (Kōtei).


  • Chief Cabinet Secretary
    • 3 Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretaries
      • 3 Assistant Chief Cabinet Secretaries
        • offices and departments
      • 3 separate department heads in: the Cabinet Public Relations Office, the Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office and the Cabinet Affairs Office

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