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This article is about cabinet committees in the Canadian Federal Government. For the equivalent in the Government of the United Kingdom, see United Kingdom cabinet committee.
Cabinet Committees

The Cabinet committee is a set of Committees in the Canadian Federal Government that are responsible for enacting the operations of the Government's agenda.

List of cabinet committees[edit]

  • Priorities and Planning: Provides strategic direction on government priorities and expenditure management, ratifies committee recommendations and approves appointments.
  • Operations: Provides the day-to-day coordination of the government’s agenda, including issues management, legislation and house planning, and communications.
  • Treasury Board: Responsible for accountability and ethics, financial, personnel and administrative management, comptrollership, approving regulations and most orders-in-council.
  • Social Affairs: Considers health care, justice, Aboriginal, training and skills development, culture, and immigration policy issues.
  • Cabinet Committee on Economic Growth and Long-term Prosperity: Considers both sectoral issues including, international trade, sustainable development, natural resources, fisheries, agriculture, transport, infrastructure and communities, and regional development, as well as longer-term matters concerning Canada’s economic growth and prosperity, including follow-up on Advantage Canada and multi-year infrastructure plans set out in Budget 2007.
  • Cabinet Committee on Foreign Affairs and Security: Considers foreign affairs, international development, public and national security,and defence policy issues.
  • Cabinet Committee on Environment and Energy Security: Considers environment and energy security policy issues.
  • Cabinet Committee on Afghanistan: Considers issues related to Canada’s mission in Afghanistan.