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The Cabinet of Libya serves as the leadership for the executive branch of the government of Libya. Libya's new "crisis" cabinet of ministers was finally approved on 22 September by the country's democratically elected House of Representatives.[1] The Libyan Supreme Court ruled on 6 November 2014 that the cabinet was "unconstitutional".[2]

Libyan cabinet[edit]

Incumbent Office Website Since Until
Abdallah al-Thinni Prime Minister of Libya
Al-Mahdi Hassan Muftah Allabad First Deputy Prime Minister and Head of Security Affairs
Abd al-Salam al-Badri Second Deputy Prime Minister and Head of Public Services (Electricity, Water etc)
Abd Al-Rahman Al-Taher Third Deputy Prime Minister and Head of Authorities (Agriculture etc)
Mustafa T. A. Abotaeta Fourth Deputy Prime Minister and Head of Authorities (Defense, Interior, etc)
Muhammed Al-Farooq Abd al-Salam Minister of Local Government
Khalifa F. K. Abuhisha Minister of Internal Cooperation
Hisham M. B. Belhaj Minister of Housing and Utilities
Al-Mabrouk Ghraira Omran Minister of Justice
Reda Al-Menshawi Minister of Health
Umar al-Sinki Minister of Interior
Fatthi Al-Majbri Minister of Education and Higher Education
Mohamed Al-Dairi Minister of Foreign Affairs
Vacant Minister of Defense
Kamal Al-Hassi Minister of Finance & Planning
Massoud Ahmed Belqasem Sawa Minister of Social Affairs
Muneer Ali Assr Minister of Economy &[3] Industry


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