Cabinet of Ministers of Somaliland

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This is the current list of the Cabinet of Ministers of Somaliland, changed on June 25, 2013[1] headed by the President of Somaliland .The Council of Ministers run the day-to-day operations of the regional government. Ministers are approved by the National Assembly of Somaliland.

Cabinet Ministers[edit]

  • Minister of Agriculture: Prof. Farah Elmi Mahamoud Somali: Prof. Faarax Cilmi Mahamoud (Geeddoole)
  • Minister of Civil Aviation: Mr. Mohamoud Hashi Abdi (Somali: Mud. Maxamuud Xaashi Cabdi)
  • Minister of Commerce: Dr. Mohamed Abdulahi Omer (Somali: Dr. Maxamed Cabdilaahi Cumar)
  • Minister of Defence: Mr. Ahmed Haji Ali Adam (Somali: Mud. Axmed Xaaji Cali Cadami)
  • Minister of Education & Higher Education: Miss. Zamzam Abdi Aadan (Somali: Marwo. Samsam Cabdi Aadan)
  • Minister of Finance: Mr. Abdi-Aziz Mohamed Samale (Somali: Mud. Cabdi-Casiis Maxamed Samaale)
  • Minister of Fisheries: Mr. Ali Jama Farah (Somali: Mud. Cali Jaamac Faarax)
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Dr. Mohamed Bihi Yonis (Somali: Dr. Maxamed Biixi Yoonis)
  • Minister of Health: Dr. Saleiban Esa Ahmed Somali: Dr. Saleebaan Ciise Axmed (Xaglo-toosiye)
  • Minister of Industry: Mr. Abib Dirae Nur (Somali: Mud. Abiib Diiriye Nuur (Timo-cadde))
  • Minister of Information: Mr. Abdullahi Mohamed Dahir (Somali: Mud. Cabdillaahi Maxamed Daahir)
  • Minister of Interior: Mr. Ali Mohamed Waran Ade (Somali: Mud. Cali Maxamed Waran Cadde)
  • Minister of Justice: Mr. Hussein Ahmed Aided (Somali: Mud. Xuseen Axmed Caydiid)
  • Minister of Labour and Social Development: Mr. Mohamoud Ahmed Barre (Somali: Mud. Maxamed Axmed Barre (Garaad)
  • Minister of Livestock: Dr. Idiris Ibrahim Abdi (Somali: Dr. Cabdi Aw-Daahir Cali)
  • Minister of Planning & Development: Dr. Sa´ad Ali Shire (Somali: Dr. Sacad Cali Shire)
  • Minister of Post and Telecommunications: Mr. Mohamed Jama Abgal (Somali: Mud. Maxamed Jaamac Abgaal)
  • Minister of Presidency: Mr. Hersi Ali Haji Hassan (Somali: Mud. Xirsi Cali Xaaji Xasan)
  • Minister of Public Work and Housing: Mr. Abdirizak Khalif Ahmed Somali: Mud. Cabdirisaaq Khaliif Axmed)
  • Minister of Religion: Sheikh Khalil Abdilahi Ahmed (Somali: Sheekh Khaliil Cabdilaahi Axmed)
  • Minister of Resettlement and Rehabilitation: Mr. Ahmed Abdi Kahin (Somali: Mud. Axmed Cabdi Kaahin)
  • Minister of Rural Development and Environment: Miss. Shukri Ismael Bandare (Somali: Marwo. Shukri Ismaaciil Baandare)
  • Minister of Sports: Mr. Ali Sa'eed Raigal (Somali: Mud. Cali Siciid Raygal)
  • Minister of Mineral And Sources Resources: Mr. Hussein Abdi Du'aale(Somali: Mud. Xuseen Cabdi Ducaale)
  • Minister of Water: Hussein Ahmed Abdule: Somali Mud. (Somali: Xuseen Axmed Cabdulle)