Cabinet of Ministers of Somaliland

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This is the current list of the Cabinet of Ministers of Somaliland, changed on June 25, 2013 headed by the President of Somaliland, Ahmed M. Mahamoud Silanyo. The Council of Ministers run the day-to-day operations of the regional government. Ministers are approved by the National Assembly of Somaliland.

Cabinet Ministers[edit]

  • Minister of Agriculture: Prof. Farah Elmi Mahamoud (Somali: Prof. Faarax Cilmi Mahamoud (Geeddoole))
  • Minister of Civil Aviation: Mr. Mohamoud Hashi Abdi (Somali: Mud. Maxamuud Xaashi Cabdi)
  • Minister of Commerce: Dr. Mohamed Abdulahi Omer (Somali: Dr. Maxamed Cabdilaahi Cumar)
  • Minister of Defence: Mr. Ahmed Haji Ali Adam (Somali: Mud. Axmed Xaaji Cali Cadami)
  • Minister of Education & Higher Education: Miss. Zamzam Abdi Aadan (Somali: Marwo. Samsam Cabdi Aadan)
  • Minister of Finance: Mr. Abdi-Aziz Mohamed Samale (Somali: Mud. Cabdi-Casiis Maxamed Samaale)
  • Minister of Fisheries: Mr. Ali Jama Farah (Somali: Mud. Cali Jaamac Faarax)
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Dr. Mohamed Bihi Yonis (Somali: Dr. Maxamed Biixi Yoonis)
  • Minister of Health: Dr. Saleiban Esa Ahmed (Somali: Dr. Saleebaan Ciise Axmed (Xaglo-toosiye))
  • Minister of Industry: Mr. Abib Dirae Nur (Somali: Mud. Abiib Diiriye Nuur (Timo-cadde))
  • Minister of Information: Mr. Abdullahi Mohamed Dahir (Somali: Mud. Cabdillaahi Maxamed Daahir)
  • Minister of Interior: Mr. Ali Mohamed Waran Ade (Somali: Mud. Cali Maxamed Waran Cadde)
  • Minister of Justice: Mr. Hussein Ahmed Aided (Somali: Mud. Xuseen Axmed Caydiid)
  • Minister of Labour and Social Development: Mr. Mohamoud Ahmed Barre (Somali: Mud. Maxamed Axmed Barre (Garaad)
  • Minister of Livestock: Dr. Abdi Aw Dahir (Somali: Dr. Cabdi Aw-Daahir Cali)
  • Minister of Planning & Development: Dr. Sa´ad Ali Shire (Somali: Dr. Sacad Cali Shire)
  • Minister of Post and Telecommunications: Mr. Mohamed Jama Abgal (Somali: Mud. Maxamed Jaamac Abgaal)
  • Minister of Presidency: Mr. Hersi Ali Haji Hassan (Somali: Mud. Xirsi Cali Xaaji Xasan)
  • Minister of Public Work and Housing: Mr. Abdirizak Khalif Ahmed Somali: Mud. Cabdirisaaq Khaliif Axmed)
  • Minister of Religion: Sheikh Khalil Abdilahi Ahmed (Somali: Sheekh Khaliil Cabdilaahi Axmed)
  • Minister of Resettlement and Rehabilitation: Mr. Ahmed Abdi Kahin (Somali: Mud. Axmed Cabdi Kaahin)
  • Minister of Rural Development and Environment: Miss. Shukri Ismael Bandare (Somali: Marwo. Shukri Ismaaciil Baandare)
  • Minister of Sports: Mr. Ali Sa'eed Raigal (Somali: Mud. Cali Siciid Raygal)
  • Minister of Mineral And Sources Resources: Mr. Hussein Abdi Du'aale(Somali: Mud. Xuseen Cabdi Ducaale)
  • Minister of Water: Hussein Ahmed Abdule: Somali Mud. (Somali: Xuseen Axmed Cabdulle)
  • vice minister of commerce:bashir abdi harir: somali mud. (Somali: bashiir cabdi xariir)