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Vice President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Al-Hadi replaced former President of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh on February 25, 2012 as the new President of Yemen. He selected new cabinet members of the Yemeni Government.

Yemen's Defense Minister Major General Mohammed Nasser Ahmed survived an apparent assassination attempt in the capital city of Sanaa, Yemen on 11 September, 2012, when a car bomb exploded near a building he was leaving.[1]

Current Cabinet[edit]

Office Incumbent Website Start End
Prime Minister
Vice - Prime Minister for the Affairs of the Defense and Security
Vice - Prime Minister for the Affairs of the Local Authority
Vice - Prime Minister for Economic Affairs
Minister of Interior
Minister of Information
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Minister of State, Director of Office of Prime Minister
Minister of Youth and Sport
Minister of Legal Affairs
Minister of Education and Teaching
Minister of Civil Service and Insurance
Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and the Shura Council
Minister of Defense
Minister of Health
Minister of Industry and Trade
Minister for Fisheries
Minister of Justice
Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research
Minister of Social Affairs and Labour
Minister of Tourism
Minister of Public Works and Highways
Minister of Water and Environment
Minister of Petroleum and Minerals
Minister of Electricity and Energy
Minister for Wakf and Training
Minister of Local Government
Minister of Religious Endowments and Guidance
Minister of Expatriate Affairs
Minister of Finance
Minister of Communications and Information Technology
Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation
Minister of Technical Education and Vocational
Minister of Culture
Minister of Transport
Minister of Human Rights
Minister of State, Mayor of the capital

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