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The statutes of the State of Ohio have established 26 departments of government which are responsible to the Governor. These departments are led by the Director, or in some cases the Commissioner, who must inform and assist the governor in the operation of the state. After the governor appoints the potential director, they must be affirmed by the Ohio General Assembly.

No limit nor imposition are placed upon the terms, except in the cases that they may be replaced by the current governor, or they resign their term. In turn, the directors may appoint their own staff.

Since the governor appoints the Directors, they are directly incorporated into the Executive branch of Ohio. This gives them the broad authority to enforce the laws of Ohio directly. Many of these Departments issue administrative opinions, proceedings, and decisions, which in turn have the legal influence of stare decisis.

List of Cabinet Members[edit]

You may find the list here

Director of the Ohio Department of Commerce: Director Andre T. Porter

Director of the Ohio Department of Development: David Goodman

Director of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency: Craig W. Butler

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