Cabo de Hornos National Park

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Cabo de Hornos National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
CapeHorn ASTER 2005sep20.jpg
Satellital image of Hermite Islands
Location tierra del fuego, Chile
Nearest city Puerto Williams
Coordinates 55°49′59″S 67°25′59″W / 55.833°S 67.433°W / -55.833; -67.433Coordinates: 55°49′59″S 67°25′59″W / 55.833°S 67.433°W / -55.833; -67.433
Area 631 km2 (244 sq mi)
Established 1945
Visitors 6,605[1] (in 2012)
Governing body Corporación Nacional Forestal

Cabo de Hornos National Park is located in the Cape Horn Archipelago, which belongs to the Commune of Cabo de Hornos, in the Antártica Chilena Province of Magallanes y Antártica Chilena Region. It was created in 1945 and includes the Wollaston Archipelago and the Hermite Islands. The park covers 631 km2 (244 sq mi). Management of this and other national parks in Chile is entrusted to Corporacion Nacional Forestal, CONAF.[2]

It is the world's southernmost national park.[citation needed]

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