Cabras Island Light

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For the islet located at the entrance of the San Juan bay, see Isla de Cabras.
Isla Cabras Lighthouse
Lighthouse Cabras, Ceiba.jpg
Isla  Cabras Lighthouse is located in Puerto Rico
Isla  Cabras Lighthouse
Isla Cabras Lighthouse
Location Ceiba, Puerto Rico
Coordinates 18°12′42″N 65°36′0″W / 18.21167°N 65.60000°W / 18.21167; -65.60000Coordinates: 18°12′42″N 65°36′0″W / 18.21167°N 65.60000°W / 18.21167; -65.60000
Year first lit 1902
Automated 1931
Construction Stone
Tower shape Cylindrical attached to a square house
Markings / pattern Natural"Turret"
Original lens Sixth-order Fresnel 1902

Isla Cabras Light, also known as Faro de Isla Cabras, was a lighthouse located in an island in the Vieques Passage near Ceiba, Puerto Rico. It is the only lighthouse completely built and planned by the U.S. government in Puerto Rico.[1][2] The light was first lit on 1902.[3] The building was a small two-story gray stone structure with a cylindrical tower on one corner supporting a black lantern room. Its original lens was a sixth-order Fresnel lens.

Cabras Island is located in the former Roosevelt Roads Naval Station. The small island separates the entrance of Puerca Bay, a small open-mouth bay and the Ensenada Honda harbor. The island is connected to the mainland by a causeway. In 1965 the light was replaced by a range light called "Vieques Southwest Channel Range Front Light".[4] The original structure was destroyed in 1966.



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