Farim River

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The Farim is a river of Guinea-Bissau also known as the Cacheu along its lower length. Its total length is about 257 km. One of its major tributaries is the Canjambari River.

Its headwaters are near the northern border of the country, north of Contobeul and close to a bend of the Geba River. It runs west, by the town of Farim and close to Bigenè, and broadens into an estuary on whose south shore the town of Cacheu may be found.

It is navigable to large (2,000-ton) ships for about 97 km in, and to smaller vessels much further; it was an important route for commerce.

Coordinates: 12°11′16″N 16°18′53″W / 12.18778°N 16.31472°W / 12.18778; -16.31472