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Type Stew
Place of origin Cape Verde
Main ingredients Fish or meat (sausage, beef, goat, or chicken), corn, beans
Cookbook:Cachupa  Cachupa
Cachupa frita

Cachupa (Portuguese pronunciation: [kɐˈʃupɐ]) is a famous dish from the Cape Verde islands, West Africa. This slow cooked stew of corn (hominy), beans, and fish or meat (sausage, beef, goat or chicken) is often referred to as the country's national dish.[1] Each island has its own regional variation. It is a hearty dish, and may even be served reheated at breakfast.

The version of the recipe called cachupa rica tends to have more ingredients than the simpler, cachupa pobre.

Cachupa frita[edit]

When cachupa leftovers are reheated on the next morning, the resulting dish is called cachupa frita or cachupa refogada, meaning "fried cachupa". This dish may be served as breakfast with a fried egg and a fried local sausage (linguiça).[2][3]

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