Cactus Cooler

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Cactus Cooler
12 oz. can of Cactus Cooler
Type Orange-Pineapple Flavored soft drink
Manufacturer Dr Pepper Snapple Group
Country of origin United States
Introduced late 1960s
Related products Fanta, Slice, Orange Crush

Cactus Cooler, distinguished by its orange, yellow, and green label, is an orange-pineapple soft drink sold in the United States, mainly in the Southern California area and surrounding Southwestern United States.[1][2] It is part of the Dr Pepper Snapple Group, and was previously distributed under the Canada Dry brand name. Cactus Cooler was inspired by the 1960s cartoon show The Flintstones in which a fictional Cactus Cooler was the favorite drink of character Fred Flintstone.

Cactus Cooler is also seen on the popular television show Weeds. It is also referenced in season 4 episode 2 of the television show "Psych". The main character Shawn requests a mini fridge filled with Cactus Cooler.