Cactus Jack (band)

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Cactus Jack
Origin Pančevo, Serbia
Genres Hard rock, rock, pop rock
Years active 1998 – present
Labels One Records, PGP-RTS
Members Stevan Birak
Miodrag Krudulj
Dušan Gnjidić
Zoran Samuilov
Bojana Racić
Past members Vladimir Jezdimirović

Cactus Jack is a Serbian rock band. Formed in 1998, Cactus Jack released four hard rock-oriented albums, before turning to pop rock in early 2010s.

Band history[edit]

1990s and 2000s: Vladimir Jezdimirović years[edit]

The band, originally named Caramba,[1] was formed at the end of 1998 by Stevan Birak (guitar), Miodrag Krudulj (bass guitar), Vladimir Jezdimirović (vocals) and Dušan Gnjidić (a former Kontrabanda member, drums).

Initially, the band performed mostly soundtracks from Quentin Tarantino's movies.[2] In 1999, they adopted their current name, Cactus Jack.[3] The band chose their name after the UK and Australia release name of the 1979 film The Villain. In February 2002, the band released their debut live/cover album DisCover, which featured cover of songs by various rock artists.[4] During 2002, they toured with Riblja Čorba as the opening band. In 2003, they released EP Grad (The City) which featured three songs, "Grad", "Godine za plakanje" and "Nekada", and a video for the song "Nekada".[5] In May 2003, they released the double live album, Deep Purple Tribute. The band's new member, Zoran Samuilov, played the keyboards, while Vlada Džet, Vicko Milatović, and Vladan Vučković appeared on the album as guest musicians.[6] On December 7, 2003, they performed as an opening band on Deep Purple concert in Belgrade. In 2004, they released their first full-length studio album Natur all.[7] In October 2005, the band released Mainscream,[8] on which they incorporated pop rock elements into their hard rock sound.

2010s: Bojana Racić years[edit]

In the early 2010s, Jezdimirović left the band. He was replaced by female vocalist Bojana Racić.[9] With Racić the band recorded covers of several pop songs. The recordings, although available on YouTube, are still not officially released.[10]

The band will celebrated their 15th anniversary on December 21, 2013, with a concert in Pančevo Cultural Centre. The concert featured Jezdimirović as a special guest.[11]


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