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Cadbury Snack
Cadbury Snack Sandwich

Cadbury Snack can refer to different types of chocolate confectionery, made by Cadbury but marketed in different regions.


The Australian Snack is a bar with six chunks, each filled with a different flavour: strawberry, pineapple, orange, coconut ice, Turkish Delight and caramel. The selection of flavours has remained the same since being developed in 1974 by the Cadbury product development team. Prior to this time, blocks of chocolate known as "Snack" was marketed in Australia by MacRobertson's which had exactly the same flavours but different pattern moulds on the "chunks".

It is available in 220 g, 110 g and 55 g blocks, and is also available in New Zealand and parts of Asia.

In June 2009 Cadbury reduced the size of the blocks.[1][2]

Although Snack is now branded as part of Cadbury's Dairy Milk range, the chocolate is sweeter than that used in the standard Dairy Milk bar.


Strawberry chunks have a strawberry pattern on top, orange have orange segments on top and similarly the pineapple has a pineapple. Turkish delight is oval shaped with textured lines, coconut ice has two off shape rectangles and finally, caramel has three drop shapes coming from one corner.

United Kingdom and Ireland[edit]

Cadbury Snack Wafer split

The version of Snack still marketed in Australia was formerly available in the United Kingdom. It has now been discontinued in the UK, but three completely different Cadbury products use the same name. The Snack products currently sold in Ireland and Britain, which are not branded Dairy Milk, come in four different versions. The first is branded Snack Shortcake - six chocolate-coated shortbread biscuits. The second is called Snack Wafer - three chocolate-coated wafer fingers. The third version is named Snack Sandwich - an individual chocolate and biscuit bar. The fourth, most recent addition is the "Snack Cereal Bar"- a chocolate covered cereal bar formerly called "Brunch". Each Snack product has distinctive coloured packaging - Wafer is pink, Shortcake is yellow and Sandwich is purple. The Snack cereal bar has red package.[3]


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