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Cadenabbia as seen from across the lake.

Cadenabbia (Cadenabbia di Griante) is a small community in Lombardy, Italy, in the province of Como, on the west shore of Lake Como. The community is part of the comune of Griante, situated about 15 miles by steamer from the town of Como, between the communities of Menaggio and Tremezzo.

Cadenabbia is a favorite spring and autumn resort, owing to the great beauty of the scenery and of the vegetation, and its sheltered situation. It also serves as a health resort and a holiday place for travellers. A favoured travel destination of the British since the 19th century, it is the site of one of the first Anglican churches built in Italy (1891).

Celebrity Connections[edit]

Author Mary Shelley stayed in the Albergo Grande hotel in Cadenabbia from July 14-September 8, 1840 along with her son, Percy Florence Shelley. She described her experiences there in her travel narrative Rambles in Germany and Italy published in 1844.[1]
Federal Chancellor Konrad Adenauer regularly took his holiday in Cadenabbia. He used to stay at the "Villa la Collina", built in 1899 and used, since 1977, as a conference centre by the Konrad Adenauer Institute.
Arthur Schnitzler wrote movingly about Cadenabbia's cemetery in a scene in his 1908 novel "Der Weg ins Freie" (The Road into the Open).


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