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Cadence may refer to:


  • Cadence (music), a melodic and/or harmonic configuration at the end of a phrase, section, or piece of music
  • Cadence (poetry) describes the rhythmic pacing of language
  • Cadence Magazine, a monthly review of jazz, blues and improvised music
  • Cadence Jazz Records, a record label issued by the above magazine
  • Cadence Records, an American record label during the 1940s and 50s
  • Cadence Weapon, a rap artist from Edmonton, Alberta, San Luis Potosi
  • Kadans, a Haitian Creole music genre, also known as Cadence
  • Cadence (or Cadence-lypso), the Dominica kadans
  • Military cadence, a chant that is sung by military personnel while marching
  • Drum cadence, a work played exclusively by the percussion section of a modern marching band
  • Cadence rampa, Haitian modern meringue popularized by talented saxophone player Webert Sicot


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