Cadmium hydride

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Cadmium hydride
CAS number 72172-64-6 N
Molecular formula CdH
Molar mass 113.419 g mol-1
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Cadmium hydride (systematically named cadmium dihydride) is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula (CdH
(also written as ([CdH
or CdH
). It is an insoluble solid.


It was first reported by Glenn D. Barbaras in 1951 via the reaction of lithium aluminum hydride and dimethylcadmium in diethyl ether at −78 °C.[1]

Chemical properties[edit]

The compound decomposes at around 0 °C.

Molecular CdH2[edit]

Gaseous CdH2 was produced by the gas phase reaction of excited cadmium atoms with dihydrogen, H2, and the structure determined high-resolution infrared emission spectra. The molecule is linear, with a bond length of 168.3 pm.[2]


The compound, Cs3CdH5, prepared by the reaction of caesium hydride, CsH, and cadmium metal powder at high temperature contains the CdH42– ion, along with caesium cations, Cs+, and hydride anions, H. The tetrahedral anion is an example of an ionic complex of CdH2. The average Cd-H bond length in CdH42– is 182pm.[3]


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