Caetano Levante

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Caetano Levante
National Express route A6.jpg
A 3-axle Levante operated by National Express.
Manufacturer Salvador Caetano
Body and chassis
Doors 1 door
Floor type Step entrance, wheelchair access at entrance using lifts.
Chassis Scania K EB
Volvo B12B
Volvo B9R
Engine Scania EGR (Scania K EB)
Volvo DH12C, DH12E (Volvo B12B)
Volvo D9B (Volvo B9R) and Mercedes Benz.
Transmission I-Shift, 6-speed Ecomat automatic and ZF Automatic
Length 12.60m (2 axles) and 14.20m (3 axles)
Width 2.55m
Height 3.70m

The Caetano Levante is a coach body built on the Scania K EB 6x2 & 4x2, Volvo B12B 4x2 chassis, Volvo B9R 4x2 chassis and recently Volvo B11R 4x2 chassis, exclusively for National Express in the UK. It was designed by a brief given by National Express for 'an easy access vehicle to schedule 1 of the Disability Discrimination Act with the wow factor'.

Caetano Levante coach operated by National Express in the Park Lane Interchange Sunderland.

Originally only available on the Volvo B12B chassis, the Levante enabled both able-bodied and wheelchair passengers to enter the vehicle via the front door, using a combination of a front mounted lift and two single pedestal mounted seats in place of the traditional double at the front nearside of the passenger area.

This model is similar to a Portuguese market model, Caetano Winner, which was presented in 2004 and was born from a collaboration with Evobus with the first units being equipped with Mercedes-Benz OC500 chassis, but other manufacturers' chassis can be applied.

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