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Café Gratitude restaurant, Mission District

Cafe Gratitude is a small chain of vegan raw foods restaurants in California. They currently have two locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, one in Berkeley and another in Santa Cruz. There are another two in the Los Angeles area, in Venice and the city of Los Angeles. One more location is open in Kansas City, Missouri.[1][2][3]

Previous locations included San Francisco, Healdsburg, Oakland, and inside the Cupertino Whole Foods. They closed following a lawsuit filed by employees.[4]


Cafe Gratitude is owned by Terces and Matthew Engelhart. They also own a 14 acre orchard and farm outside of Vacaville that provides organic food to the restaurants (up to 50% during peak production season).[5]

Philosophy and atmosphere[edit]

Cafe Gratitude's mission statement reflects their business style through what owners, Terces and Matthew Engelhart have defined as "Sacred Commerce", outlined in their publication, Sacred Commerce: Business as a Path to Awakening.[6] The company is noted for serving organic food, including many vegan offerings, as well as its unusual atmosphere. Many menu items have unusual names, such as their most popular dish "I am Grateful".[5]


The Los Angeles location, which was the company's most successful location as of July 2011, is regularly visited by a number of movie and music stars, most notable Jason Mraz, who is also an investor in the location.[3]


The East Bay Express newspaper in the August 5, 2009 article, "I am Annoyed and Disappointed" reported on Cafe Gratitude's policy of making management employees attend the Landmark Education's Landmark Forum. Former employee Ash Ritter who was promoted to management later was demoted for not taking the Landmark Forum and subsequently fired.[7]

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