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Interior, Caffe Reggio, 2012

Caffe Reggio is a famous New York City coffeehouse first opened in 1927 at 119 MacDougal Street in the heart of Manhattan's Greenwich Village.[1] The famous Italian Cappuccino was introduced in America by the founder of Caffe Reggio, Domenico Parisi, in the early twenties.

Inside the cafe, against the back wall, there is still the original Espresso machine, made in 1902, that Domenico Parisi bought with his savings when he opened the cafe in 1927.

The Caffe Reggio has been featured in many movies, including Godfather II, Next Stop, Greenwich Village, The Kremlin Letter, Shaft, Serpico, The Next Man, In Good Company, Inside Llewyn Davis and others. Many celebrities have been spotted or photographed in this location. In 1959, presidential hopeful John F. Kennedy made a speech outside the coffee shop.

Caffe Reggio has a bench from a Palazzo of the mighty Florentine Medici family of Renaissance fame. The bench is not roped-off and you can actually sit in it. And while you sit on this 500 year old bench sipping your Cappuccino you can gaze across at a painting from an artist of The School of Caravaggio.


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