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A coffee nap is drinking a cup of coffee before a 15-minute nap.

A coffee nap or caffeine nap, occasionally called a napuccino,[1] is a brief period of sleep which lasts about 15 to 20 minutes which is preceded by drinking a caffeinated beverage such as coffee or tea to combat daytime drowsiness.[2][3] Research suggests that coffee naps were more effective than regular naps in improving post-nap alertness and cognitive functioning.[4][5] The combination of caffeine plus a short nap helps the body get rid of sleep-inducing chemical compounds known as adenosine, according to researchers.[6] Since it takes the body about 20 minutes to respond to the caffeine, the person is fully alert following the nap,[6] and the caffeine does not interfere with the nap itself. One account suggested that it was like a "double shot of energy" from the stimulating boost from caffeine plus better alertness from napping.[1] This procedure has been studied on sleep-deprived humans given the task of driving a motor vehicle afterwards,[7] although it has not been studied on elderly populations.[8]

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