Huracán FC de Caguas

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Full name Huracán Fútbol Club
Founded 1991
Chairman José E. Berrios
Manager Pedro Amstrong
League Puerto Rico Soccer League
2011 6th
Website Club home page

Huracán Fútbol Club is a Puerto Rican football club from Caguas, who formerly played in the Puerto Rico Soccer League.


The team was originally established in 1991.[1] With the formation of the Puerto Rico Soccer League they formed a team composed of Puerto Rican and international players, including Ángel Santiago and René Bezares.[1]

In 2010, the club was renamed from Caguas Huracán Criollos Fútbol Club to Huracán Fútbol Club

Puerto Rico Soccer League[edit]

2008 Season
During their first season in the league the team will be coached by Daniel Ramos.[1]

Huracán debuted on July 3, 2008, in a game against Sevilla FC, losing 1-0.[2] In its second game, the team tied with Guaynabo Fluminense FC, with neither team scoring a goal. On July 19, 2008, Huracán lost its third game against Gigantes de Carolina.[3] On July 28, 2008, the team defeated Tornados de Humacao 3-2, gaining three points. José Delgado Santana scored the first two goals for Huracán on his team debut.[4] On the fifth date of the tournament the team lost to River Plate Ponce.[5] On August 10, 2008, Huracán lost to Academia Quintana.[6] This marked the end of the league's first half, the teams would then compete against each other a second time. In the first two games of this stage, Huracán lost to Atléticos de San Juan and Sevilla FC.[7] To close the regular season, the team won 1 and lost 4 games.[8][9][10][11][12] in December 2008 Pedro Armstrong started as head coach of the team.

2009 Season
Huracán lost their first game 5-1 to River Plate Ponce.[13] Huracán lost their next game with the same score 5-1 this time to Sevilla FC.[14] On August 23, 2009 the team will play Tornados de Humacao to determine who gets 8th place, the loser is last in the table. Huracán can draw and still maintain 8th.

Puerto Rico Soccer League
Season Position
2008-09 7th
2009-10 8th

Club hierarchy[edit]

Huracán Ltd.

Chairman: Dr. José E. Berrios

Huracán plc.

Vice President : Eduardo Berrios

Club treasure  : Marcos Berrios

Club Secretary : Vivian Duran[15]


Runners-up (1): 2004
Runners-up (1): 2005

Current squad[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Puerto Rico GK Ricardo Romero Hernández
2 Puerto Rico GK Rene Bezares Mendoza
3 Puerto Rico MF Joshua Alexander Torres
4 Puerto Rico DF Gadiel Rosario Rivera
6 United States DF Brandon Durden
7 Puerto Rico DF Juan Daniel Villavicencio Várzquez
8 Kenya FW George Sangira
9 Puerto Rico MF Jorge Casas Cordero
10 Puerto Rico DF Carlos Díaz Negron
11 Puerto Rico MF Ángel Ortiz Santiago
12 Puerto Rico FW Kenney Anaba
No. Position Player
13 Cuba MF Julio Dairon Gonzáles Moreno
14 Puerto Rico MF Luis Mayoral Reichard
15 Puerto Rico MF Luis F. Ortiz Alicea
16 Puerto Rico MF Yamil Vera
17 Puerto Rico FW Jean Villanueva Cruz
18 Puerto Rico FW Andrés L. Cabrera Serrano
19 Puerto Rico FW Antonio Miranda Echautegui
20 Puerto Rico FW Daniel Ramos Díaz
21 Puerto Rico DF Ernesto Armstrong Rosich
22 Puerto Rico GK Giovanni F. Ramírez Arroyo
23 Puerto Rico FW Christopher Mercado Crespo


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