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Caiseal Mór
Born 1961
Occupation Writer Musician
Nationality Australian
Genres sci-fi fantasy new-age

Caiseal (pronounced Cash'l) is Gaelic for "great stone fort". Caiseal Mór is a bestselling fantasy novelist. He is an Australian of Irish descent. Irish folklore is an inspiration for his works. Mor also composes and records music, with twelve albums so far and another one on the way over the next year. He is well known for his lavish book and album covers, usually designed by himself. As a child he was diagnosed on the autism spectrum, which was kept a secret from the wider public until disclosed in his autobiography A Blessing and a Curse; Autism and Me (2007).

Recurring themes in Mor's novels include religion, theology, gods and deities, magic, kingship and ancient times. His books are set in Ireland, Scotland and a personal interpretation of the Celtic Otherworld which he refers to as the Far Country.

Caiseal shares his life with his partner, the portrait artist Helen Wells. Wells produced the cover of Caiseal's autobiography, A Blessing and a Curse,, non fiction book What is Magic?and is a featured artist on Caiseal's album The Well of Yearning (2006). Helen Has also produced the cover for Caiseal's three latest albums What is Magic? - Music for Creative Trance and Lucid Dreaming (2009) Flow - Music for Dreaming, Magic and Meditation (2010), Alchemy for The Heart (2011) and Dreaming Tree (2012). His latest CD 'Dreaming Tree - The Green Album' was released in Feb 2013.

His latest book is the non fiction [1], published in September 2009.

Caiseal makes tribal style drums from recycled materials, and holds workshops on trance drumming using these musical art objects. [2] Caiseal now tours the world offering musical dreaming events with his band (formed 2012) 'Dreaming Tree'. They present full night experiences and also hold 3 day retreats. Band members are: Caiseal Mór, Laya Rocha and Dorianne McLeod. (all are Australian) [3]

Caiseal is currently (July 2013) touring Sweden.

There are two projects Caiseal Mór is working on: His newest self-published CD 'Prana'

and expanded re-releasing of the first tilogy (the Wanderers Trilogy) as ebook and limited edition signed and numbered hard copies.

Both projects are self-published and can be found on

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Caiseal Mor's autobiography, A Blessing and a Curse; Autism and Me, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers due out May 2007, reveals his autistic childhood and diagnosis on the autism spectrum.

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