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California Point of Presence
Industry Dedicated Hosting
Founded 1999
Headquarters 600 W. 7th St., Los Angeles, California 90017
Key people
Evert van Niekerk, Founder
Products Dedicated Server Hosting, Server Management, Colocation

California Point of Presence, more commonly known as CalPOP, is a privately held server hosting company based in Los Angeles, California specializing in dedicated servers.[1] Operating from Digital Realty Trust's building in Downtown Los Angeles,[2] the company is a carrier-neutral data center offering peering with One Wilshire.[clarification needed]


CalPOP began business in 1999 under the name IP motors as an ISP offering colocated servers from a Koreatown office building to which the business also offered IT support and general computer repair. The company grew despite the burst of the Dot-com bubble and its increasing bandwidth and power consumption demands would become constrained by the capacity of their facilities.[clarification needed]

In 2002 the company both incorporated and relocated headquarters to the third floor of the Carrier Center in Downtown Los Angeles at 600 W. 7th St.,[3] which would later be acquired by Digital Realty Trust. With more space to house servers in addition to greater access to fiber peering and bandwidth,[4] CalPOP was able to lay the foundations for their next decade of business from this location, with an emphasis on the $99 dedicated server.[citation needed]

Business Model[edit]

From CalPOP's onset the company's business model has centered around offering small and mid-sized businesses a more cost-effective hosting alternative to expensive corporate data centers. To achieve this objective the company offers free 24/7/365 technical support,[5] near 100% uptime,[6] copious bandwidth, advanced hardware and economical pricing.

Products and Services[edit]

In addition to dedicated server hosting, CalPOP offers colocated servers,[7] virtual private servers, server cages,[8] cloud hosting,[9] server management assistance and bandwidth.

Bandwidth and Connectivity[edit]

CalPOP's connectivity derives from an OC192 fiber optic connection. Networked through Juniper and BGP4 routers, the company is carrier neutral with apportioned multi-homed 10 Gigabit connections. Additionally, CalPOP's fiber connects on-site with Equinix peering fabrics through the Digital Realty Trust building.[10]


CalPOP relies on several layers of physical and digital security to ensure their housed hardware and data remain protected. Closed circuit surveillance and 24-hour security staff safeguard the premises while keycard locks and biometric authentication limit access to doors and cages.[11]


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