Calamity the Cow

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Calamity The Cow was a film made for the Children's Film Foundation in 1967. The film starred a teenage actor named Phil Collins just three years prior to joining Genesis. The film was written by Kerry Eastman and directed by David Eastman.

Plot Summary[edit]

Farmer Grant's children (including a young 'Phil Collins' ) get him to buy a cow from another farmer. The children work hard to make the cow fit and healthy enough for the show ring. But at the last minute the other farmer, Kincaid, steals Calamity.


Phil Collins's character disappears from the story for a long period on a mysterious biking holiday. In a 2003 television interview, Collins told Richard & Judy that this had been down to disagreements between himself and the director, who had then decided to write him out. Collins said he hated making the film.



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