Calapooia River

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Coordinates: 44°38′20″N 123°6′36″W / 44.63889°N 123.11000°W / 44.63889; -123.11000
Calapooia River
Calapooia River at the Willamette River.JPG
The Calapooia River at its confluence with the Willamette River, Albany
Country United States
State Oregon
County Linn
Source Cascade Range
 - elevation 4,552 ft (1,387 m) [1]
 - coordinates 44°15′54″N 122°19′25″W / 44.26500°N 122.32361°W / 44.26500; -122.32361 [2]
Mouth Willamette River
 - elevation 180 ft (55 m) [2]
 - coordinates 44°38′20″N 123°6′36″W / 44.63889°N 123.11000°W / 44.63889; -123.11000 [2]
Length 72 mi (116 km) [3]
Basin 365 sq mi (945 km2) [3]
Location of the mouth of the Calapooia River in Oregon

The Calapooia River is a 72-mile (116 km) tributary of the Willamette River in the U.S. state of Oregon.

The Calapooia runs through Crawfordsville and Brownsville in the Willamette Valley. The river converges with the Willamette at Albany. It was named for the Kalapuya (also spelled Calapooia), a tribe of Native Americans.

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