Caldwell Hart Colt

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Caldwell Hart Colt
Born Caldwell Hart Colt
(1858-11-24)November 24, 1858
Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Died January 21, 1894(1894-01-21) (aged 35)
Punta Gorda, Florida United States
Alma mater Yale University
Occupation Inventor, yachtsman
Religion Episcopalian
Relatives Samuel Colt, Elizabeth Jarvis Colt

Caldwell Hart Colt (November 24, 1858 – January 21, 1894) was an American inventor and yachtsman. He was born in Hartford, Connecticut, the son of Samuel Colt, founder of Colt's Patent Fire-Arms Manufacturing Company (now known as Colt's Manufacturing Company and Elizabeth Jarvis Colt. Caldwell Colt attended Yale University and was known later in life for being a yachtsman. He served as vice-commodore of the New York Yacht Club in 1888 and commodore of the Larchmont Yacht Club from 1892-1893.[1]

Following in his father's footsteps as a gun maker, in 1879 he designed the Colt double barrel rifle. This rifle was chambered in .45-70 Government and is one of the rarest Colt firearms that was ever made.[2]

Colt drowned at sea at the age of 35 near Punta Gorda, Florida while piloting his ship, The Dauntless. His mother Elizabeth Jarvis Colt, had a Parish House built near Armsmear in his name opposite the Church of the Good Shepherd. The building was designed by Edward Tuckerman Potter who designed the earlier church on the site.[3] The Church of the Good Shepherd and Parish House is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.[4]


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