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For the current federal electoral district, see Calgary Southeast.
Calgary-South East
Flag of Alberta.svg Alberta electoral district
CalgarySouthEast in Calgary.jpg
2010 boundaries
Provincial electoral district
Legislature Legislative Assembly of Alberta
Rick Fraser
Progressive Conservative
District created 1957
District abolished 1963
District re-created 2010
First contested 1959
Last contested 2012

Calgary-South East provincial electoral district in Calgary, Alberta created in 2010. An electoral district under the similar name of Calgary South East also existed from 1959 to 1963. Both districts were mandated to return a single member to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.

The current electoral district was created from a portion of Airdrie-Chestermere, Calgary-Hays and Calgary-Shaw. It contains the neighborhoods of Auburn Bay, Chaparral, Copperfield, Cranston, Mahogany, New Brighton and Silverado.


The first provincial electoral district to use the name Calgary South East was created in the 1959 redistribution that saw the provincial ridings of Calgary and Edmonton broken up. This marked the transition to standardize elections back to the First Past the Post across the province. From 1926 to 1959 Calgary and Edmonton, elected members with Single Transferable Vote in super districts while rest of the province used single member riding's using an Alternate voting method with a 50% margin.

The district was quickly abolished in the 1963 boundary redistribution when it became part of the Calgary South electoral district.

A new electoral district was created in deep South East Calgary in the 2010 boundary redistribution. The roots of the new district can be traced back to the old South East district through various changes to the electoral boundaries that have taken place since. The district was created primarily from Calgary-Hays and Calgary-Shaw and its boundaries were expanded into areas of the old Airdrie-Chestermere and Highwood electoral districts where the city of Calgary boundaries had expanded.

Boundary history[edit]

Members of the Legislative Assembly for Calgary-South East[1]
Assembly Years Member Party
See Calgary 1921-1959
14th 1959-1963 Arthur Dixon Social Credit
See Calgary South 1963-1971
See Calgary-Hays 2004-2012 and Calgary-Shaw 1986-2012
28th 2012–present Rick Fraser Progressive Conservative

Electoral history[edit]

The first incarnation of Calgary South East saw Social Credit MLA Art Dixon win his third term in office with a landslide majority. He defeated two city of Calgary alderman to keep his seat in the Assembly. Dixon won the new district of Calgary South after South East was abolished in 1963.

Recently the area that comprises the new Calgary-South East has returned Progressive Conservative candidates with large majorities and has done so since the 1970s. The incumbent for Calgary-Hays during the 2010 boundary shift was Art Johnston. He tried to run for renomination but was defeated by Progressive Conservative candidate Rick Fraser and won't stand for re-election.

Legislature results 1959-1963[edit]

1959 general election[edit]

1959 Alberta general election results[2] Turnout 48.92% Swing
Affiliation Candidate Votes % Party Personal
     Social Credit Arthur J. Dixon 5,643 67.11% *
     Progressive Conservative Ernest Starr 1,537 18.28% *
     Liberal Peter Petrasuk 792 9.42% *
     Cooperative Commonwealth George Ellinson 437 5.19% *
Total 8,409 100%
Rejected, Spoiled and Declined 53
17,299 Eligible Electors
     Social Credit pickup new district Swing N/A

Legislature results 2012-present[edit]

2012 general election[edit]

2012 Alberta general election Turnout % Swing
Affiliation Candidate Votes % Party Personal
     Progressive Conservative Rick Fraser 7,162 48.57% %
     Wildrose Bill Jarvis 6,355 43.09% %
     Liberal Brad Carroll 756 5.13% % *
     NDP Marta Warszynski 474 3.21% % *
Total ' 100%
Rejected, Spoiled and Declined '
Eligible Electors
     Swing %

Senate nominee results[edit]

2012 Senate nominee election district results[edit]

Student vote results[edit]

2012 election[edit]

2012 Alberta Student Vote results
Affiliation Candidate Votes %
     Progressive Conservative Rick Fraser %
     Wildrose Bill Jarvis %
     Liberal %
     Alberta Party %
     NDP %
Total ' 100%


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