Calgary Catholic Immigration Society

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Calgary Catholic Immigration Society
Make their journey brighter
Abbreviation CCIS
Formation 1981; 34 years ago (1981)
Founder Margaret Chisholm
Type Nonprofit organization
Legal status Organization

Immigration & Refugees Services
Employment & Training Programs
Resettlement, Integration
Calgary Refugee Health Clinic
Health programs and services
Community Development & Senior Services

Family & Children's Services
Headquarters Calgary, Alberta Canada
  • 1111 - 11 Avenue SW
    Calgary, Alberta
    T2R 0G5
    Phone: 403.262.2006
    Fax: 403.262.2033
Coordinates 51°02′35″N 114°05′11″W / 51.043029°N 114.086489°W / 51.043029; -114.086489
Region served
Southern Alberta
Official language
Chairman of the Board
Herman Van Reekum
Key people
Fariborz Birjandian
Executive Director
over 200
Slogan I was a stranger& you made me welcome

Calgary Catholic Immigration Society - CCIS is a nonprofit organization located in Calgary, Alberta. CCIS offers settlement and integration services to refugees and recent immigrants to Canada, in the Southern Alberta. [1]


In 1981, a Calgary resident by the name of Margaret Chisholm saw the need to respond to the human toll of wars overseas and the influx of refugees into Canada. Together with a small group of volunteers, she started her humanitarian efforts in a church basement.[2] Today, CCIS is a multi-denominational, multi-lingual organization with a staff of 200 paid employees and 1,500 volunteers.

CCIS Today[edit]

CCIS Building at 1111 11 Ave SW. Calgary, AB

CCIS offers over 70 programs at six locations throughout Southern Alberta. Collectively, CCIS employees speak over 60 languages. [3]

CCIS Divisions[edit]

The Margaret Chisholm Resettlement Centre - The House of Refugees in Calgary

Many of the services and programs provided to new Canadians are unique to Alberta and include such things as business, employment and training services, where newcomers can benefit from a wide variety of career workshops, English and computer training, trades and industry training. The community development and integration service offers assistance for seniors, builds community connections, offers legal workshops, and works with volunteers.

The CCIS family and children’s services programs include an accredited child care centre, family recreational programs, parenting classes and in-school programs. A health and wellness clinic located at the Margaret Chisholm Resettlement Centre in Bridgeland provides information on nutrition, immunization and also provides medical consultations for government assisted refugees. In addition to the clinic, the CCIS resettlement and integration program provides airport reception, orientation, workshops and supportive counselling for those refugees who have left their homeland under challenging circumstances.

CCIS has also expanded into Brooks, Alberta and established the Brooks & County Immigration Services to offer community education, employment services, interpretation and translation assistance and community development. [4]


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