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Calgon Carbon Corporation
Type Public
Traded as NYSECCC
Industry Industrial Processing, Water Treatment
Founded 1942 (as Pittsburgh Coke & Chemical Company)
Headquarters Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Key people Randy Dearth (President/CEO)
Revenue Increase$295 Million USD
Employees 1,200

Calgon Carbon Corporation is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based company that offers products and services that remove contaminants and odors from liquids and gases. The company was originally formed as the Pittsburgh Coke & Chemical Company, which provided products that assisted with the city's formerly huge steel industry. However, as steel processing shrunk in America, the company began to go in a new direction. It has been specializing specifically in carbon for nearly 30 years.

Calgon Carbon divides its operations among 4 segments. The Activated Carbon portion of the corporation, which provides the majority of revenues, manufactures granular, powered, and extruded carbon. These chemicals remove and adsorb organic compounds from liquids and gases. These organic compounds are later burned off at the Pittsburgh plant so the carbon can be reused. Granular activated carbons are especially useful in the process of water purification. The Engineered Systems segment designs and builds carbon absorption systems and ion exchange and separation devices. The food, biotechnology, sanitation, and pharmaceutical industries all utilize products from Calgon Carbon. The Services Options branch of the company provides mobile carbon absorption equipment and also provides for absorption monitoring. Finally, the Consumer Products division provides carbon cloth, charcoal, and water purifiers.

The company's main operations are centered in North America, but Calgon has a presence in Europe and fully owns the company called Chemviron Carbon, which is headquartered in Belgium and has production/sales facilities in the UK, Germany, France, Denmark and Sweden.

In September 2006, Calgon Carbon announced it would be replacing its pension plan with an "enhanced" 401(k) plan in order to satisfy new legislation requiring companies to fully fund their defined benefit plans.


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