Calibro 35

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Calibro 35
Origin Italy
Genres funk, jazz, alternative rock
Years active 2007–present

Calibro 35 (caliber 35) is a funk, jazz, alternative rock Italian band formed in 2007 in Milan. Their sound was inspired by soundtracks of Poliziottesco movies, a form of crime movies typical of Italy in the 1970s.[1][2][3][4]


Their first album of the same name Calibro 35 was released in 2008 and includes a version of the song L'appuntamento, originally played by Ornella Vanoni, with the voice of Roberto Dell'Era. In 2009 recorded a version of the Tutta donna, originally played by Lola Falana, with the voice of Georgeanne Kalweit.

Their connection with the art of film is sealed with the participation, with original music, the soundtrack of the movie Said, Italian-Spanish co-production. Also participate in several collections, including the country is real, a project conceived by Manuel Agnelli of Afterhours.

In 2009, the group embarks on his first tour in the United States, where they play at HitWeek Festival in Los Angeles. Other dates at Nublu and at Zebulon, prestigious club in New York. In the U.S. participating also in the radio show Morning Becomes Eclectic KCRW issuer: one of the most important broadcasts of live music in the United States.

In November 2009, they won the PIMI award at the MEI (Meeting of independent labels, in Faenza) as "Best Tour 2009". In 2010 they released their second album Ritornano quelli di... and in the same year the album is released in Britain and the United States. In 2010 they opened the Muse concert in Milan. In September 2010, they won the prize "Keepon Live" "Best Band 2010".

Some songs Caliber 35 were used in the movie Red, Vallanzasca - Gli angeli del male and La banda del brasiliano.

In February 2012 released his third album, Ogni riferimento a persone esistenti o a fatti realmente accaduti è puramente casuale, the title is an All persons fictitious disclaimer very popular in the 1970s cop movies.

In October 2013 they released their fourth album, Traditori di tutti.




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