Calico Mountains (Nevada)

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This article is about the mountains in Nevada. For other uses, see Calico Mountains.
Calico Mountains
Calico Hills
Calico Mountains Black Rock Desert Nevada.jpg
Calico Mountains, Black Rock Desert, Nevada
Highest point
Peak Donnelly Peak
Elevation 8,520 ft (2,600 m)
Calico Mountains (Nevada) is located in Nevada
Calico Mountains (Nevada)
Location of Calico Mountains in Nevada
Country United States
State Nevada
Region Black Rock Desert
District Humboldt County
Range coordinates 41°05′52″N 119°15′44″W / 41.0977°N 119.2621°W / 41.0977; -119.2621Coordinates: 41°05′52″N 119°15′44″W / 41.0977°N 119.2621°W / 41.0977; -119.2621

The Calico Mountains are a mountain range in northwestern Nevada.[1] The range runs north to south along the western edge of the Black Rock Desert. This mountain range is located in western Humboldt and northern Pershing Counties, approximately 30 miles north of the town of Gerlach, Nevada. The best access to the Calico Mountains is located from the maintained Soldier Meadows Road (Humboldt County Road 200) that forms its eastern boundary.

Most of the mountain range is divided into two federally designated wilderness areas. It is part of the Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area. The Calico Mountains Wilderness is the southern end of the range. It contains many brightly colored and twisted geologic formations. Elevations in the wilderness range from 3,950 feet to 8,520 feet at Donnelly Peak.[2] From the top of Donnelley Peak visitors can see the Black Rock Desert, Pahute Peak, the Black Rock Range and the Granite Range. The High Rock Lake Wilderness is part of the northern end of the Calico Mountains.


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