California Bureau of Naturopathic Medicine

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Bureau of Naturopathic Medicine
Bureau overview
Formed 2004
Jurisdiction California
Headquarters Sacramento, California
Bureau executive David Field, Chair of the Naturopathic Medicine Committee
Parent department California Department of Consumer Affairs

The California Bureau of Naturopathic Medicine enforces the State Naturopathic Doctors Act, promulgates regulations relating to the profession, and develops licensing standards. It is also the designated resource for receiving and investigating consumer complaints against naturopathic doctors.[1] The Bureau is part of California Department of Consumer Affairs.


The Bureau was established based on 2003 legislation [Senate Bill (SB) 907], which directed the California Department of Consumer Affairs to establish the Bureau of Naturopathic Medicine in 2004. The first licenses were issued in 2005.[2]

In 2009, Assembly Bill (AB) X420 (Statutes of 2009) established the Naturopathic Medicine Committee under the Osteopathic Board of California.[3]


Kathy McKeever, Chief of the Bureau of Naturopathic Medicine, described licensing as "[assuring] that a naturopathic doctor has met the minimum professional standards and passed required examinations. To maintain their license, doctors must also meet ongoing educational requirements that help them stay current with professional practices."[2]

In California, only licensed professionals can legally call themselves "naturopathic doctor," "licensed naturopathic doctor" or "doctor of naturopathic medicine." Licensed naturopathic doctors can prescribe drugs using standardized procedures or protocols established jointly with a supervising licensed physician and surgeon.[4] However, naturopathic doctors are not "medical doctors," "M.D.s," "D.O.s," or "physicians."


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