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The California Indian Song is a school fight song of the University of California, Berkeley, written by Harold Bingham in 1907 celebrating the rivalry between the California Golden Bears and the Stanford Cardinal. At that time, the mascot of Stanford University was the Stanford Indian, but the mascot was abandoned in 1972 because it was considered offensive. The California Indian Song was also abandoned, but has recently found a new fan base among Golden Bears fans.

The song was played by the Cal Band at athletic events or rallies against Stanford, but the band only played the chorus as the other verses were yelled to mimic a Native American war chant. In addition, the lyrics were not regularly sung at official events due to the politically insensitive themes.[1] The "tomahawk" referenced in the chorus refers to the Stanford Axe.

In September 2012, University officials requested the Cal Band cease performances of the song. The band is currently attempting to rename the song and rewrite its lyrics.

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