California Law Review

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California Law Review  
Abbreviated title (ISO 4) Calif. Law Rev.
Discipline Law review
Language English
Publication details
Publisher University of California, Berkeley School of Law (United States)
Publication history 1912-present
Frequency Bimonthly
Impact factor
ISSN 0008-1221

The California Law Review is a law journal published by the University of California, Berkeley School of Law. It was established in 1912. The application process consists of an anonymous write-on competition, with grades playing no role in the consideration of membership. A personal statement is also considered.

Past editors have included justices Roger J. Traynor (former editor-in-chief), Kathryn Werdegar (former editor-in-chief), Allen Broussard, Ninth Circuit Judge Marsha Berzon, law professor Barbara Armstrong, ambassador Jeff Bleich (former editor-in-chief), former United States Solicitor General Theodore Olson, professor Christopher Schroeder (former editor-in-chief), and defense attorneys Tony Serra and Michael Tigar.

Significant articles[edit]

[according to whom?]

  • Tussman, Joseph; tenBroek, Jacobus (1949). "The Equal Protection of the Laws". California Law Review 37 (3): 341–381. doi:10.2307/3477801. 
  • Prosser, William L. (1960). "Privacy". California Law Review 48 (3): 383–423. doi:10.2307/3478805. 
  • Gusfield, Joseph R. (1968). "On Legislating Morals: The Symbolic Process of Designating Deviance". California Law Review 56 (1): 54–73. doi:10.2307/3479496. 
  • Ennis, Bruce J.; Litwack, Thomas R. (1974). "Psychiatry and the Presumption of Expertise: Flipping Coins in the Courtroom". California Law Review 62 (3): 693–752. doi:10.2307/3479746. 
  • Thibaut, John; Walker, Laurens (1978). "A Theory of Procedure". California Law Review 66 (3): 541–566. doi:10.2307/3480099. 
  • Kornhauser, Lewis A. (1982). "An Economic Analysis of the Choice between Enterprise and Personal Liability for Accidents". California Law Review 70 (6): 1345–1392. doi:10.2307/3480271. 
  • Littleton, Christine A. (1987). "Reconstructing Sexual Equality". California Law Review 75 (4): 1279–1337. doi:10.2307/3480595. 
  • Merges, Robert P. (1996). "Contracting into Liability Rules: Intellectual Property Rights and Collective Rights Organizations". California Law Review 84 (5): 1293–1393. doi:10.2307/3480996. 
  • Cohen, Julie E.; Lemley, Mark A. (2001). "Patent Scope and Innovation in the Software Industry". California Law Review 89 (1): 1–57. doi:10.2307/3481172. 

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