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The California Transportation Commission (CTC) is a bureaucratic agency established in 1978, replacing four now defunct agencies, the California Highway Commission, the State Transportation Board, the State Aeronautics Board, and the California Toll Bridge Authority. Their offices are located in Sacramento. It is part of the California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA).

The CTC consists of eleven voting members and two non-voting ex officio members. Of the eleven voting members, nine are appointed by the Governor, one is appointed by the Senate Rules Committee, and one is appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly. The two ex officio non-voting members are appointed from the State Senate and Assembly. The current Chair is Joseph Tavaglione. Other current members include Carl Guardino and Jim Madaffer. Current ex officio members are Mark DeSaulnier and Bonnie Lowenthal. The executive director is Bimla G. Rhinehart.[1]

The CTC is responsible for assigning funds for highway, passenger rail and other transit improvements in California.


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