Caligula (band)

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Origin Sydney, Australia
Genres Techno-grunge
Associated acts Primary
Past members Ashley Rothschild
James McKinnon
Dave Macken
Jamie Fonti
Sean Fonti
Mitchell Foley

Caligula were a band from Sydney, Australia, who produced techno-grunge music in the early 1990s and achieved some national success.

Caligula was composed of five members: vocalist Ashley Rothschild, guitarist James McKinnon, drummer Dave Macken, Jamie Fonti (keyboards and backing singer), and bass guitarist Sean Fonti. The band also included Mitchell Foley at one stage.

In 1994, they released the album Rubenesque and received national airplay on Triple J and Triple M with the songs "Tears of a Clown" (a remake of the Smokey Robinson & the Miracles song), "Before" and "Roundabout".

Ashley Rothschild left Caligula, leading to their demise. The Fonti Brothers then created the band Primary with singer Connie Mitchell. Rothschild currently fronts the bands Familia and Graveyard Rock Stars.



  • Got One (1990)

01. "Seasons"
02. "Dave's Not Here"
03. "Shot (Live)"
04. "Wanda"
05. "Sound Off"
06. "What you Want"
07. "About"
08. "Godzilla"
09. "Young Girls"
10. "Stand Under"

  • Rubenesque (1994)

01. "Fuzz"
02. "Wishing"
03. "Tears Of A Clown"
04. "Roundabout"
05. "Make Me Happy"
06. "Wardrum"
07. "Five Different Signs"
08. "Feel For Me"
09. "Helplessness"
10. "Don't Look Back"
11. "So Fine"
12. "Bubbler"
13. "Before"
14. "Checkpoint"
15. "Hypnotised"


  • Caligula EP (1992)

01. "The Bluff"
02. "Checkpoint"
03. "Vision"
04. "Sound Off (Coco Aromomix)"

  • i.c.u. EP (1993)

01. "i.c.u."
02. "Liquid"
03. "Before"
04. "i.c.u. Remix"


  • Tears Of A Clown (1993) AUS#25

01. "Tears Of A Clown"
02. "Five Different Signs"
03. "Make Me Happy"

  • Roundabout (1994)

01. "Roundabout"
02. "Roundabout (The WhereAbouts Mix)"
03. "Liquidity"
04. "Liquidity Instrumental"

  • So Fine (Why Can't You See?) (1994)

01. "So Fine (Why Can't You See?)"
02. "So Fine (Why Can't You See?) (Acoustic Version)"
03. "Regression"