Call Me Princess

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Call Me Princess
(Hime tte yonde ne!)
Genre Romance
Written by Tomoko Taniguchi
Published by Jitsugyo no Nihon
English publisher United States CPM Manga
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine My Birthday
Original run 19921993
Volumes 1
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Call Me Princess (姫ってよんでねっ Hime tte yonde ne!?) is a one volume shōjo manga by Tomoko Taniguchi (たにぐち智子?).

The story revolves around a teenage girl called Mako who dreams of being called a Princess by her "Prince Charming". She idolizes her brother-in-law and wants a husband just like him to call her Princess, as he calls her sister. Things get complicated when her brother-in-law's brother, Ryu, moves in with Mako's family in order to finish his last year at high school.

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