Call Me What You Like

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"Call Me What You Like"
Single by Keane
from the album Hopes and Fear Special Edition
B-side "Rubbernecking"
"Closer Now"
Released 31 January 2000[1]
Format CD Single
Recorded Home recording
Sync City
Genre Indie rock
Length 5:21 (approx.)
Label Zoomorphic
Writer(s) Tom Chaplin
Dominic Scott
Tim Rice-Oxley
Richard Hughes
Producer(s) Keane
Adam Tudhope
Keane singles chronology
- "Call Me What You Like"
"Wolf at the Door"

"Call Me What You Like" is a song by Keane, released as their first single.

Limited to 500 copies, the single was released through Zoomorphic, the band's own label set up to release their music when a record deal was not forthcoming. It was primarily sold in pub venues during early Keane gigs. A re-recording of the song was included as a b-side on their follow-up single, "Wolf at the Door".

Track listing[edit]

CD Single[edit]

  1. "Call Me What You Like"
  2. "Rubbernecking"
  3. "Closer Now"

Information about song[edit]

"Call Me What You Like" and "Closer Now" are still the only songs composed by Tom Chaplin that have appeared on official releases, fact known because of the credits appearing on Strangers.



Remixed in 2001 by Tim Rice-Oxley and Tom Walker from the Universal Constructors, is considered as one of Keane's oddest songs.

Closer Now[edit]

This song has attained cult status amongst fans, and of Keane's early songs, is considered to be the closest in style to the songs released during the Hopes and Fears era. As mentioned above, the song is also notable because it is a rare example of a Keane song written and composed by Chaplin, according to a comment Hughes is believed to have made to a fan after a gig.[2] This is in contrast to virtually every other Keane song, for which the primary composer and songwriter is Rice-Oxley. This song's demo is often considered better than the released version as it follows a softer style and rhythm changes.

Annie Lennox recorded a cover version of "Closer Now" in 2009 for her album The Annie Lennox Collection. Lennox retitled the song "Pattern of My Life", which refers to a lyric in the song.

Technical information on songs[edit]

Song Length Tempo Key Time signature Genre
"Call Me What You Like" 5:21 93bpm Cm (Do minor) 4/4 on 8 beats Alternative
"Rubbernecking" 5:57 65bpm Bb (Si flat major) 4/4 on 8 beats Alternative
"Closer Now" 4:57 92bpm E (Mi major) 4/4 on 8 beats Alternative
"Closer Now" (Demo not released) 4:08 90bpm E (Mi major) 4/4 on 8 beats Power ballad


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