Call of Duty: Zombies

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Call of Duty: Zombies
Call of Duty: Zombies title screen
Developer(s) Ideaworks Game Studio
Publisher(s) Activision
Distributor(s) Apple
Series Call of Duty
Platform(s) iOS
Release date(s)
  • WW November 16, 2009
Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Distribution Digital distribution

Call of Duty: Zombies (originally known as Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies and then as Call of Duty: ZOMBIES) is a 2009 first-person shooter video game developed by Ideaworks Game Studio, and published by Activision for iOS. It is a spin-off of the Call of Duty series, and based on the "Zombies" mode of Call of Duty: World at War.[1] The game was released worldwide on November 16, 2009.[2] The game allows for multiplayer cooperative gameplay locally via an ad hoc Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network, or globally via the internet. However, restrictions can turn multiplayer off. It also comes with the three other maps, Verrückt, Shi No Numa, and Der Riese.[3][4] A sequel to the game, Call of Duty: Black Ops – Zombies has been published by Activision.

Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies is an unlockable "mission" in the game Call of Duty: World at War.[5] The game was developed by Treyarch, and published by Activision. It is available in the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The Wii version was developed by Exakt Entertainment.

The game's setting originally takes place in a German bunker (Nacht der Untoten) during World War II from the viewpoint of a named Aaronsachamp from Wisconsin.[6] SS soldiers who have become zombies attempt to infiltrate the bunker and attack the players, and the players must defend themselves in the process.


Call of Duty: World at War - Zombies is based on the zombies game mode in the 11th installment of the Call of Duty series, although this game is for iOS, PS VITA, and computer game. The objective of the game is to achieve dominance over the flesh-eating monsters, only then can you win the game. When the player starts the game, he or she is given a Colt 1911 to start off. With that pistol, the player can shoot zombies (or slice them with a combat knife) to get points. When the player obtains enough points, the points can be used to buy weapons, perks and progress into different parts of the map. Players can play with a single friend via Bluetooth, up to 3 other friends in a WI-Fi network, or find other people around the world playing the game using the Internet. The player can barricade windows to keep out zombies, but zombies can tear these down. As the rounds progress, difficulty increases and the zombies can tear them down even faster. The player is awarded with ten points for each plank he/she places. With the carpenter power-up each window on the map is fully barricaded and the player receives 200 points.

Verrückt takes place in a Berlin insane asylum. Turning on the power allows you to buy perks and (If there are 3-4 players) reunite you with your friends.

Shi No Numa takes place in a Japanese camp in a zombie infested swamp. The Wunderwaffe-DG2 gun and zombie dogs has been added. Also, the "Mystery Box" makes it easier to survive. It is in this map in which we are introduced to our 4 main characters, Tank Dempsey, Takeo Masaki, Nikolai Belinski, and Edward Richtofen. Radios were scattered all over the map for the players to find contained audio logs that gave information about the zombies storyline.

Der Riese takes place in a German R&D facility. Linking all the teleporters unlock the "Pack-A-Punch" machine. Using the teleporter brings you back to the "Mainframe". There are also radios on this map that uncover more about the zombies storyline. This was the last zombies map released for Call of Duty: World at War.


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