Callanish IV

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The Callanish IV stone circle.

The Callanish IV stone circle (Ceann Hulavig[1]) is one of many megalithic structures around the better-known (and larger) Calanais I on the west coast of the isle of Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides (Western Isles), Scotland.

This is an elliptical setting of six stones with a major axis of about 13.5 metres and a minor axis of about 9 metres. Originally there may have been thirteen evenly spaced stones in the ring. The remains of a cairn, about 2 metres in diameter, can still be seen within the ring of stones.


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Coordinates: 58°10′31″N 6°42′47″W / 58.17528°N 6.71306°W / 58.17528; -6.71306