Callum Finnegan

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Callum Finnegan
Brookside character
Portrayed by Gerard Kelly
Duration 1997, 1999-2000
First appearance 11 April 1997
Last appearance 1 September 2000
Created by Phil Redmond
Brookside: The Lost Weekend
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Criminal
Home Kenya

Callum Finnegan is a fictional character in the British soap opera Brookside, portrayed by Gerard Kelly. The character made his first onscreen appearance on 11 April 1997, as a guest star, before departing again on 7 May the same year. The character returned on 17 June 1999, and remained in the soap until the character was locked in a container and transported to Kenya by nemesis Barry Grant in an episode that aired on 1 September 2000.


The character of Callum Finnegan, it was later revealed, was born in 1962, and that his father was a chronic and abusive alcoholic named Gerry while his mother was the victim of his abuse Harriet. Callum was the eldest of four brothers, his three younger brothers being Alistiar.

Later in his childhood life, Callum was driven mad when he witness the horrible murder of his cousin at the hands of his father, after his father attacked him with a knife. Callum then witnessed more horror when his father then committed suicide by stabbing himself.



Callum was introduced into the show when he into rented No 4. At the time Callum had a girlfriend named Patricia Lennox, whom he treats badly. Eventually, Patricia attempts to flee Callum by running down the street. Callum pursues her in a car, and accidentally runs her over at a junction. Patricia later dies in hospital.

War Against Lindsey Corkhill[edit]

Callum attempted to get a job as a barman at Lindsey Corkhill's bar. However, Lindsey turned him down after she discovered he accidentally killed his wife. Callum, upon hearing his qualification got turned down, sneaks into Lindsey's bar at night and vandalises it, stealing the money from the till.

The next day, Callum stores all the stolen money in his car and drives it out of Liverpool, where he burns it and blows it up.


In May 1997, Callum's brother Stuart turns up and informs Callum that his mother Harriet had died. Callum attends a party at Lindsey's bar, and tells her he is leaving but vows revenge on her.

Callum then departs.



Callum turns up back in Liverpool when he walks straight into the living room of enemy Lindsey Corkhill's home. Lindsey is shocked to see him, and he tells her that he vandalised the pub, but then taunts her about how she can't get him locked up due to a lack of evidence. Lindsey then orders Callum to leave.

Revenge on Lindsey[edit]

Having vowed to get revenge on Lindsey, Callum phones his brothers Terry and Stuart and invites them over to stay. When Terry and Stuart arrive Callum informs them why he really called them, so that they could help him get his revenge on Lindsey.

The three begin Callum's revenge by bursting the tires of Lindsey's car and Terry throws a brick through her bedroom window. Lindsey then storms into Callum's flat demanding an explanation. Callum then begins his real revenge by, after having a heated argument with her, seduces Lindsey, and she ends up having sex with him while she is in a relationship with Barry Grant.

Callum then blackmails Lindsey, threatening to tell Barry of their encounter unless she pays him to mow her lawn. Lindsey accepts this, and Callum introduces himself to the Corkhill family who respect him as a kind and gentle man.

Drug Addiction[edit]

During his time in Liverpool, Callum and his brother Stuart both became addicted to drugs, and were encouraged to do so by their brother Terry, who was already a drug addict. It is later revealed that Callum had had a previous encounter with drugs at the age of fourteen.

Vendetta with Barry Grant[edit]

Eventually Lindsey told Barry about her encounter with Callum. Barry, wanting revenge on both Callum and Lindsey, revealed to the whole Corkhill family about Lindsey's relationship with Callum. The family, horrified, cast out both Callum and Lindsey and they are forced to live together, in which time Callum terrorises Lindsey and forces her to take drugs.

Callum then begins planning his revenge on Barry, first vandalising his brand new car with spray paint, throwing a brick through his living room window, setting his garden shed on fire and painting "barry grant will die" on his garden fence. Eventually, Callum begins his real plot for revenge: when Barry is out one night, Callum breaks into his house and takes his wallet and next thing Barry is being arrested for fraud.

Barry knows he had been framed, and instantly suspects Callum.


After Barry is released on bail, he stalks Callum to find him holding Lindsey at gun point in his flat. Barry takes out his own gun and threatens to shoot Callum, but Callum tells Lindsey that he doesn't plan to do anything to her, but just to Barry. Callum and Barry then point their guns at each other as the final showdown commences. Lindsey flees and as she does she hears a gunshot, but doesn't go back and see who was killed.

The same night Lindsey has a dream of a hooded man locking a man with a bag over his head in a container. The next day Lindsey sees Barry with a gunshot wound, and he tells her that Callum shot him but Barry managed to knock him unconscious. He then tells Lindsey that he stored Callum in a container.

Terry then arrives and tells Lindsey that he got a phonecall from Callum that he had been transported to Kenya, after no-one had notcied he was in the container, and that Callum now has to get a kidney transplant. It is later revealed that Callum had decided to live in Kenya.