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InfiniDB, Inc.
Industry Enterprise Software
Database Management
Data Warehousing
Founded 2000
Headquarters Frisco, Texas, USA
Products InfiniDB,
InfiniDB for the Cloud,
InfiniDB for Apache Hadoop

InfiniDB (formerly Calpont Corporation[1]) is a database management software company based in Frisco, Texas. The company develops InfiniDB, a scalable, software-only columnar database management system[2] for analytic applications.[3] InfiniDB has been selected as finalist in the Best Database Solution category at the 26th and 27th SIIA Annual CODiE Awards.[4][5]

InfiniDB is a scalable database built for big data analytics, business intelligence, data warehousing and other read-intensive applications.[4] InfiniDB's column-store architecture enables very quick load and query times.[6] Its massive parallel processing (MPP) technology scales with any type of storage hardware.[7]

Columnar Databases[edit]

By storing and managing data based on columns rather than rows, column-oriented architecture overcomes query limitations that exist in traditional row-based RDBMS. Only the necessary columns in a query are accessed, reducing I/O activities by circumventing unneeded rows.[8]

InfiniDB is accessed through a MySQL interface.[9] It then parallelizes queries and executes in a Map-Reduce fashion (similar in concept to the methodology used by Apache Hadoop).[10] Each thread within the distributed architecture operates independently, avoiding thread-to-thread or node-to-node communication that can cripple scaling.[11]

InfiniDB is used to enable performance-intensive analytic applications. Customers include, Tucows, Warner Music Group,[12] Genus,[13] Aviation Software International,[14] Caring Bridge,[15] Navigant Consulting and 1&1 Internet.[16]

InfiniDB resellers include SkySQL (including many former MySQL employees)[17] and KK Ashisuto in Japan.[18]

On October 16, 2013, the company announced that InfiniDB would be licensed under the General Public License v. 2.[19]

Three open source versions of InfiniDB are available: InfiniDB, InfiniDB for the Cloud, and InfiniDB for Apache Hadoop