Calvert River

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Calvert River
Mouth Gulf of Carpentaria
Basin countries Australia
Avg. discharge 1000 Gl
Basin area 10,033 km2

The Calvert River is a river in the Northern Territory of Australia which flows into the Gulf of Carpentaria 150 km east of Borroloola, not far from the border with Queensland in the Gulf Coastal bioregion. Its annual outflow is about 1000 Gl. Before reaching the sea it flows through the Australian Wildlife Conservancy’s Pungalina-Seven Emu Sanctuary.


The river’s catchment area is 10,033 km2. It contains no major towns and the population was 103 in 2001, 45% of whom are Aboriginal people. The river is not dammed, nor used for irrigation. The main economic activity is cattle grazing.[1][2]


Coordinates: 16°21′10″S 137°41′04″E / 16.35278°S 137.6845°E / -16.35278; 137.6845