Camargue red rice

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Not to be confused with Red rice, or Bhutanese red rice.
grains of Camargue red rice
Camargue red rice

Camargue red rice is a relatively new variety of rice cultivated in the wetlands of the Camargue region of southern France. It is a short-grained and unmilled variety of rice and is therefore quite sticky. It is a brownish-red colour. It has an intense somewhat nutty taste and a naturally chewy texture. Cooking time is generally 35–45 minutes depending on the amount of "bite" desired after cooking. It is best cooked like a risotto rice, i.e., sautéing in butter first, then adding small amounts of water or stock until absorbed and repeating for the duration of the cooking time. It is generally much more filling than white rice, so less is needed per person.

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