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Camberwell Now were formed in London in 1982 after the demise of This Heat featuring one of the founders of that group, drummer and vocalist Charles Hayward, bassist and vocalist Trefor Goronwy, who had joined This Heat to replace Gareth Williams after the latter had quit the band, and This Heat's former sound technician Stephen Rickard, who employed field recordings and tape effects.[1] Saxophonist Maria Lamburn joined the group in 1985.[2]

In all, the band released one album, The Ghost Trade,[3] two 12" EPs, Meridian and Greenfingers, two tracks for the Sub Rosa Records Myths/Instructions album and a track for the Touch audio cassette/magazine. Most of this material was later reissued in CD form as All's Well by RecRec Music in 1992, and this compilation was remastered and reissued in November 2006 by ReR Megacorp.



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