Cambodia–Denmark relations

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Cambodia-Denmark relations
Map indicating locations of Cambodia and Denmark



Cambodia–Denmark relations refers to the historical and current relationship of Cambodia and Denmark. Cambodia is represented in Denmark, through its embassy in London. On 3 September 2002, Denmark established a representative office in Phnom Penh.[1][2] Danmark and Cambodia signed in 1997 an agreement on development cooperation in environment and natural resources. In 2001 a cooperation agreement was signed on the implementation of a five-year environmental support program with a total budget of 240 million DKK.[3]

Aid to Cambodia[edit]

A multi-donor funded Trade Development Support Programme was officially launched on 23 March 2009. DANIDA's private sector development programme will contribute to the programme with 39.3 million DKr.[4] Denmark supports Human Rights, Democracy and Good Governance in Cambodia.[5] Danida has adopted a zero tolerance policy against corruption and bribery.[6] Danish development assistance to Cambodia also includes a number of efforts undertaken by the Danish organizations. DanChurchAid activities in the country seeks to strengthen women's and children's rights through popular campaigns directed against gender discrimination, domestic violence and sexual assault against children.[3]

A total of 90 million DKK was given to Cambodia, from 1992 to 2009.[7]

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