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Cambridge is a Metropolitan Borough of Sefton ward in the Southport Parliamentary constituency that covers the locality of Marshside in the town of Southport.


Term Councillor[1] Party
2012–Present Pat Keith Liberal Democrats
2006–Present Sue McGuire Liberal Democrats
2011–Present Tony Crabtree Conservative Party

Election results[edit]

Elections of the 2010s[edit]

Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council Municipal Elections 2011: Cambridge [2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Conservative Tony Crabtree 1339 32%
Liberal Democrat Lauren Patricia Keith 1323 32%
Labour Andy Dams 737 18%
Independent Stuart Taylor 475 11%
UKIP Allen Ferguson 277 7%
Turnout 4151 43%
Conservative gain from Liberal Democrat Swing
Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council Municipal Elections 2010: Cambridge [3]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Democrat Sue McGuire 2910 48%
Conservative Jamie Philip Halsall 2167 35%
Labour Muriel Annie Langley 515 8%
Independent Jacqueline Anne Barlow 347 6%
BNP Margaret McEllenborough 166 3%
Turnout 6105 65%
Liberal Democrat hold Swing